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Since 2008 The 1035 Mod has been around starting out with the addition of new races to the game. The mod has been polished over the years to its present state. With so many additions to the classic RTS game it's hard to write them all down in one sentence.

The Mod is different than other mods because rather than being a stand-alone mod it is more compact and runs alongside your regular version of the game. The Mod includes an addition exe file called Battlecry IIIb.exe which is basically version 1.03 with additional portraits and room for feature packs and terrain sets.

About The Mod


More Races

  • 4 Playable Races added to the game with many new unit types.
  • - Ogres
  • -Goblins
  • -Dragons
  • -Gnolls

Hero Options

These Hero options added to the game

  • - More Hero portraits
  • -More Hero Avatars
  • -More Hero Classes
  • -More Hero Skills
  • -More Spheres of magic
  • -More Hero Items

More Options

So many additional things

  • -More Feature Packs
  • -More Terrain sets
  • -Ships for all races
  • -New special building types
  • -More Lairs
  • -More units

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